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30 Britvic brands served by OLIVER

4 in-house agencies worldwide

#1 Robinson's, top sports sponsorship brand of 2015

3 POPAI awards

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Britvic is one of OLIVER’s oldest partnerships. We started working together in 2006, taking responsibility for managing POS design & print across the UK. Today, we operate full-service inside agencies at Britvic’s Hemel Hempstead, Dublin, and Miami offices, taking care of BTL, OOH advertising and digital content.


Achievements include:
  • creating the highest-trending social media post during Wimbledon 2015
  • US brand launch of Fruitshoots, racking up a social engagement score of 25% with original animations
  • delivering the J2O Spritz OOH campaign in only 4 weeks, leading to a brand awareness increase from 19% to 27%.

The Britvic partnership serves as a prime example of OLIVER’s unique model: a single, global, integrated agency, providing a consistently high global standard of creative, across multiple countries, channels and brands.

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