Westjet (Un)influenced

Promoting the Westjet Vacations’ Breathless Resort by sending two social influencers to the resort and and paying them not to post about it.

(Un)influenced Case Study

The Challenge

We may miss the benefits of true relaxation and the beauty that is in front of us, as we are constantly absorbed in technology. Westjet wanted to change that perception to promote the Vacations’ Breathless Resort, as the ultimate place to relax and live in the moment.

The Idea

We took away their phones so they couldn’t go online at all. We filmed part of the trip, then turned off our cameras too – giving them a true digital detox. The resulting video, which ran exclusively on travel sites, showcased how important it is for people to disconnect while on vacation and that there’s no better place to do it than Breathless Resort.

Uninfluenced campaign image

The Results

The campaign delivered 2621 bookings, 4.8m social impressions, and associating video content produced a high video completion rate of 70%.