Marmite, pre-hated

Marmite: driving customer engagement

Marmite’s brand positioning is fascinating, people either love it or they truly hate it. It’s this powerful emotional response that Marmite wanted to transform into strong customer engagement.   

Marmite is a brand that famously polarizes people. “You either love it or hate it” has been the brand positioning for decades. The brand wanted to use these strong emotional views and generate a powerful wave of authentic customer engagement. 

The challenge

Marmite wanted to generate one of the most powerful things a brand can hope for through this engagement: endorsements. 

The brand identified April Fool’s Day as an opportunity to tap into their customer base. Retail space would be tuned into advertising space, so that customers would happily share and promote Marmite for the brand. 

The solution

Marmite’s in-house agency team identified April Fool’s Day as the ideal opportunity to build on the brand’s reputation. They combined the online and offline retail spaces into a medium that drove engagement, re-enforcing the love that customers have for the brand.  

The campaign was wholly reliant on social media and had a reactive budget allocation of £5,000.  

The results

The results of Marmite: pre-hated far exceeded the campaign’s size as the team delivered an impactful campaign, drove tremendous engagement and even sold out all stock available.  

In just one morning and with zero paid ads, the campaign drove: 

  • 17,000 organic engagements. 
  • 5.7 million online impressions.