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OLIVER holding company kicks-off the new year with a new name ~ The Brandtech Group

OLIVER's holding company kicks-off the new year with a new name ~ The Brandtech Group

OLIVER wishes everyone a happy holiday with the carbon negative NFTree

Clients and staff around the world will receive their own carbon negative NFTree as a non-fungible token of OLIVER’s appreciation.

The Modern Creative: Helping marketers to cut through the noise and speak to their customers with AI

Much has been said of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms’ intention to make brands’ life easier. The challenge, then, is how brands can achieve the speed and automation that they want using AI, while giving customers consistently high creative experiences.

Campaign’s Female Frontier Awards: OLIVER recognized for its IE&D commitments and stellar leadership

Sharon Whale tipped for CEO of the Year in recognition of her leadership and OLIVER's IE&D efforts are paying off

Unilever saves €500m as in-housing is ‘more efficient’ than agencies

Nick Myers promoted to Head of Planning at OLIVER. Nick is tasked with unlocking strategy’s potential in-house.

OLIVER commits to Ad Net Zero amidst climate crisis

World-leading in-house agency provider OLIVER has committed to achieving its net zero target globally by 2030, if not sooner via its dedicated climate team.

The new agile brand: a no-nonsense approach to speed, effectiveness and growth in 2022

Agility can be summarised as the need for speed in bringing an offer to market, as well as driving growth. Today, however, the idea of ‘agile’ calls for a greater level of sophistication.  Events of the past two years have forced brands to rethink their approach to meeting market demands. 

Inside In-Housing: A Trend or an Evolution?

The arguments around in-housing have moved on from whether it’s right or wrong for brands and onto more nuanced considerations, as OLIVER’s Sam Jacobs, &Friends’ Matt Carroll and ITV Creative’s Tony Pipes discussed with LBB’s Laura Swinton.