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What does ‘agility’ really mean to marketers today?

What does ‘agility’ really mean to marketers today? We look at the most important factors to consider when building your agility team.

Lessons in Modern Marketing Strategies | OLIVER

Every brand needs to start the journey towards a more agile, data-driven way of working. Having a data-driven and truly agile delivery model to create more engaging audience-first content for any organisation is essential to gaining a competitive advantage online. David Newton at Philips shares insights into how the brand has transformed its brand performance – building-in greater speed, agility and customer-centricity using data and a new operational design.

The Demise of the Third-party Cookie | OLIVER

The demise of the third-party cookie. What marketers need to know about our cookieless future and how brands can navigate the change.

Customers Reward Programs for Brands | OLIVER

How consumers are rewarding brands in 2021 – and what they want in return - Fast consumer behavior trends for the year ahead.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies for Large Companies

Marketing Trends for Big Holding Companies. An independent research paper by AskWonder for OLIVER, the world’s only company to exclusively design, build and run in-house agencies and marketing ecosystems for brands.

The State of Digitalization in The Travel Industry | OLIVER

The pandemic may be drawing to a close with the fast introduction of the vaccine world-wide. But – despite a renewed sense of optimism – the travel and leisure industry isn’t celebrating just yet. With job cuts, pulled budgets and less people wanting to travel in 2021, there are some key foundational challenges still to be tackled.

Insurance Industry Trends and News | OLIVER

Since the start of 2021, the global insurance industry has experienced noticeable changes as a result of economic and political drivers. Many insurance and financial institutions are altering their business operations as the U.S. Presidency is handed off to President Biden from Trump. Further development in the COVID-19 pandemic also continues to drive up rates and reduce the ability for insurance companies to offer a competitive edge to their clients.