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From challenge to change: why now is the time to stop furnishing your homes and start furnishing your minds

'From challenge to change' is a philosophy-at-work series, helping people think better and do better. Author: Nick Myers, planning partner at OLIVER.
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How to build cultural relevance for your brand and customers in the next normal?

Today cultural change matters because our primary audience - Millennials and Gen Z - are deeply embedded in it; even creating and influencing it every day from their iPhones and their bedrooms.

Millennials and Gen Z car Buyer Experiences Uncovered | OLIVER

Here is an insight into what millennials and their younger counterparts, Gen Z, want from their car buying experiences.

Marketing Skills for In-house Agencies | OLIVER

The best marketing agency will provide the tools you need to get ahead of the competition, but they’ll need to do it with agility as well. Being fast and effective means that you’re cost efficient, and that’s what brands need most today. However, in-house agencies shouldn't sacrifice speed for quality. But the best marketing companies will know how to find a balance between the two.

The Future of High Street Retail According to Banks | OLIVER

How do you become the retail marketer with the upper hand? Surprisingly, you can look at what banks have done. Since First Direct became the first bank to be fully telephone and internet-based in the 90s, banks have been innovating online and with privacy-driven technological innovations.

Rules for Brand Survival | OLIVER

In an increasingly fast world, technology and customer intimacy lie at the heart of brand survival. Here we highlight how ensuing brand relevance is key to evolutionary success.
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In-housing is here to stay and growing

As digital communications have become more central to the way that companies do business since the pandemic, it makes sense for brands to invest in their own capabilities – whether external agencies like it or not. A view from Gideon Spanier.
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Outsourced Marketing or In-House Marketing – Which Is Better?

Outsourcing versus in-housing. Businesses have long wondered, which is better? Determining this, however, isn’t that simple. OLIVER has compiled the following list of pros and cons to help businesses determine in the first instance if in-housing is the right solution for them and their brand.
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What being pregnant and starting a new job taught me about equity and inclusion in business today

By leaning into uncomfortable conversations and approaching them with an expectation of being treated fairly, we can help our businesses move forward. A view from Sagina Shabaya, head of inclusion, diversity & belonging for EMEA at OLIVER.
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NEW virtual ad course for young talent ‘The AD-Cademy’ launches nationwide

The free virtual course from Brixton Finishing School will equip young people from challenged places in the UK with knowledge and employability to enter the creative industries.